What’s Good: New Beauty To Try Right Now

What’s Good: New Beauty To Try Right Now

The best new releases in April.

There’s a nip in the air, the clocks have gone back and the warm doona is coming out: It must be Autumn.

My personal favourite time of year for beauty and fashion, this month is filled with fresh feel-good drops with playful colours, glossy formulas and a whole lotta lip. If the cool months have your lips more chapped than a cowboy’s behind, I’ve got you covered. 


PRICE: $38.00

K-Beauty darling Muzigae Mansion have burst onto the Australian scene with their full range of lip products, including the coveted Object Liquid. With a just-bitten, saturated look, this unique formula is the stuff of dreams (if your dreams contain beauties like Pony and Risabae). Chic and cheerful, the packaging is every bit as stunning as the formula itself. Word of warning: it does have a strong floral scent, but if you love violets, you’ll love it. This has been living rent-free in my handbag all month.




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